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This may be obvious, but anyone making such a device today would be well advised to use LED strips instead. We just upgraded the lighting in my wife’s office/craft room with an LED panel light. It’s around 4’x1’x1” and puts out 4000 lumens - quite bright and enough to fill the entire room with task level lighting. You could certainly make the equivalent of a T8 bulb out of modern high output LEDs and they’d be able to be switched on and off solid-state and they wouldn’t suffer from frequent switching. Heck, you could probably multiplex them the same way you multiplex smaller LED displays and it would still work.

> On Oct 20, 2016, at 2:51 AM, Blair Lade <blairl at bettanet.net.au> wrote:
> The KSC clock might just use fluroscent tubes in a 7 segment display configuration.Pretty easy to do, just put a set of relay contacts inplace of the starter in the circuit, close the contact, fluro turns off, current flows through heater / filiment keeping them warm.Open the contact, fluro lights..Drive relays off bcd to seven segment decoders, etcWhile it's a bit nasty on the fluro tubes when in the off condition, they are cheap..and the duty cycle isnt all that bad.In actual practise, the relays suffer more than the tubes, and they are cheap too!
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