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Todd Caldwell tmcaldwell at pobox.com
Fri Oct 21 01:56:18 EDT 2016

Hi All,

   I've been lurking and assembling gear for the most part, so this is 
my first post I think.

   I was at KSC in May of 2010 for the launch of STS-132.  Attached is a 
relatively closeup pic of the old countdown clock near the press area. 
As I recall, the bulbs are 100W incandescent.  LOTS of them.

   Sadly, they've replaced it with a HDTV like setup of some kind 
since.  Video would have been nice I suppose, but the old clock had 

   Todd - K5SLR.

On 10/20/16 04:51, Blair Lade wrote:
> The KSC clock might just use fluroscent tubes in a 7 segment display configuration.Pretty easy to do, just put a set of relay contacts inplace of the starter in the circuit, close the contact, fluro turns off, current flows through heater / filiment keeping them warm.Open the contact, fluro lights..Drive relays off bcd to seven segment decoders, etcWhile it's a bit nasty on the fluro tubes when in the off condition, they are cheap..and the duty cycle isnt all that bad.In actual practise, the relays suffer more than the tubes, and they are cheap too!
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