[time-nuts] Temp/Humidity control systems

Mike Naruta AA8K aa8k at comcast.net
Thu Oct 27 12:37:51 EDT 2016

On 10/27/2016 03:41 AM, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> Over insulating is a 100% sure-fire way to get unstable temperature inside,
> because it amplifies the consequences of any change in power dissipation.
> It is a classic mistake to build a 100mm insulated enclosure inside an
> office-like environment and end up having less stable temperature on
> the inside than the outside.
> Cinder blocks is a much better material for that scenario, because they
> have both thermal mass and inertia (= heat capacity and heat impedance)

True Poul-Henning Kamp.

My application was to ecologically stabilize a room exposed to 
outside weather.  I am pleased to see the heater rarely come on, 
even on cold Winter days.  I attribute that to the insulation 
and equipment mass (half-century old computer, avionics, and 
amateur radio equipment).  Even in the Summer heat, the room 
stays cooler than air temperature (barn roof and day/night 

John's Georgia basement may also enjoy natural cooling and 
thermal inertia.  Cinder blocks may be optimal.  We really need 
to know John's goal and existing conditions.

Mike - AA8K

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