[time-nuts] Temp/Humidity control systems?

Joe Leikhim jleikhim at leikhim.com
Thu Oct 27 22:10:19 EDT 2016

I am in Florida and my garage gets quite warm and damp. I installed a 
window A/C unit and the results were mixed. It got cooler, but not 
necessarily dryer. And my utility bill suffered. So I built up a simple 
controller to control the 120VAC power to the A/C. It is a thermoplastic 
plastic electrical box containing a humidistat, a relay , low voltage 
transformer (doorbell type) and a mechanical timer.

I set the humidistat to ~ 55% where above that setting the relay turns 
on the A/C load. A mechanical timer allows me to force the A/C to run up 
to an hour if I am working in the garage and need cooling. The A/C is 
set to minimum temperature so it continues to control humidity even if 
the temperature is low. I have a provision to wire a magnetic reed 
switch to the garage door to turn off the A/C if the garage door is 
opened. I still need to run a wire and hook that up.

I am also remodeling an existing storage "shed" attached on the side of 
my house into a walk in closet and intend to replicate this same 
arrangement with a small wall mounted A/C to keep that space dry.

Joe Leikhim

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