[time-nuts] WWV receivers?

Nick Sayer nsayer at kfu.com
Sat Oct 29 01:36:47 EDT 2016

That single-chip version is going to have a *LOT* less (and less variable) latency than an SDR.

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>> If you’re in North America, a CHU receiver is a lot easier to make
>> than WWV/WWVH. The CHU timecode is just BEL 103 AFSK at 300 baud -
>> it was a one-chip solution 20 years ago when I made one in college.
> We have CPUs and sounds-cards these days...
> Also: The KiwiSDR is nearly perfect hardware, no matter which VLF/HF
> station you want:  You can track GPS and four (possibly 8) VLF/HF
> stations at the same time.
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