[time-nuts] hp 5065A

John Ponsonby jebponsonby at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 12:42:05 EDT 2016

	I am interested in getting an old hp 5065A Rubidium frequency standard working again. I recall that if one of these units is left not running for a long time that the rubidium atoms get adsorbed onto the glass of the cell and filter. I recall long ago having a note as to how to get the rubidium off the surfaces again. It involved unsoldering some of the connections to the RVFR and connecting instead to a external DC supply for a week or so. I guess this was to heat the internals well above their usual working temperature. But I've forgotten the details, what current and voltage is required. One could obviously cause permanent damage by overdoing it. Does anybody know about this?
John P 

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