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   Hi John,
   you can visit the pages:

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   On 10/29/2016 9:42 AM, John Ponsonby wrote:
   > Gentlemen,
   > I am interested in getting an old hp 5065A Rubidium frequency standard working again. I recall that if one of these units is left not running for a long time that the rubidium atoms get adsorbed onto the glass of the cell and filter.
   John, the procedure for that is on page 3-1 and 2 of the manual, but it
   may not be necessary. Lots has been published about these and I'm sure
   a Google search will turn them up, in particular there's an Italian
   authored pdf from, I think, a member of this group. There are some
   electrolytic caps that will need to be checked and replaced where necessary.

   Having said that mine came back to life after being in dusty storage for
   about ten years and all it needed was a good clean...

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