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Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Sat Oct 29 23:55:47 EDT 2016

Am 30.10.2016 um 01:56 schrieb KA2WEU--- via time-nuts:
> The Parzen book was on my list (Amazon ), I find these books,  including
> Rhea's book practically useless as they do not provide the necessary  non
> -linear noise analysis, and do not have real live examples with test data.
> Cerda's "Understanding Quartz Crystals and Oscillators book I have not  seen.
> 73 de Ulrich
I really do not like to see Rhea dissed this way. Yes, nonlinear sim may 
buy another dB or two,
but in the end one has to stay at least somewhat linear, lest one builds 
an 1/f upconverter.
(and Harbec does nonlinear.)

Others don't even have their linear basics complete; everybody talks 
loop gain but
nobody shows how you get from your network analyzer to the correct 
answer of a
circuit whose output is terminated with its own input and whose input is 
with its own output. It took Rhea to present that on page 3 or so.

And I see a lot of examples compared to actual measurements, and the
Genesys design kits simply work. In fact, Rhea's Genesys is the one 
simulator that
saved me most of the time, and that includes LTspice, which says a lot.

He more or less forced Agilent to buy a competitor from the market, while
they had their own ADS. (which tries to be everybody's darling, nothing it
can't do, but it is too complicated if you do not use it every day.)
>> I found Frerking's "Crystal Oscillator Design and  Temperature
> Compensation"
>> to be a fruitful read. It's free on the  archive,
> https://archive.org/details/CrystalOscillatorDesignTemperatureCompensation  .

Silly me, I've bought it. But his book on digital radio is much better.

vy 73 de Gerhard, DK4XP

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