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> The noise result  is connected with the duty cycle and the bias point  (AF, 
> KF spice values ). We took the time to recalculate the Parzen and  Frerking 
>  examples and they do not give the best possible answer.We were  able to 
> make the oscillators   much better .
>  If you look at the world leading Wenzel product line they got about  20 db 
> better  in the last 10 years (less phase noise) as they replace these  
> published approximation  with our correct mathematical solutions and better  
> test equipment. We are moving towards 100 Ghz and better phase noise.

That's something that has been bothering me lately: Most of your 
publications are about the noise in UHF and GHz applications, hardly
any for the area where most of time metrology happens: at 10MHz and 100MHz.

Is this because the sub-100MHz range oscillators are a solved problem
and hit the physical limits of what noise optimization can do? Or is
it because there is more money to be made in the >100MHz range?

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