[time-nuts] Looking for a low power very low noise DC/DC converter (100 - 200 ma 10VDC or 15VDC)

Christopher Brown cbrown at woods.net
Mon Oct 31 05:41:56 EDT 2016

On 10/30/16 22:17, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> --------
> In message <b9fda620-e1da-1f84-4109-1757951d2efe at woods.net>, Christopher Brown writes:
>> Could not find anything with really good specs so am currently thinking
>> something like a Traco TDN 3-1213WI (200ma 15V) feeding a filter into a
>> low noise linear reg to -10VDC followed by another filter.
> Look at their TVN 5WI instead ?

Hmm, twice the price but 80% less ripple, think I will try one.

> If you want _really_ low noise the TYL/TVL is there, but have restricted
> input-range.

Yes but only have ~ 13.6 to start, hate to linear it to 5 then step back
to 9.

Thinking filter/caps > TVN 5-2413WI > filter/caps > Fairchild LM7910CT

With a 10uf tant on LM output, say 2ohm metal film then > 100uf oscon
type.  Likely in a small metal box with feedthrough caps.

It it were not for the fact that three different subsystems depend on
the -9 as a <0 pulldown (and they all tie together at some point) I
would just switch the APC/ALC opamps to split-rail and switch from
pulling Q4 G1 negative to pulling Q4 G2 from ~ 4V to 0.

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