[time-nuts] Anybody want a Thunderbolt power supply

Charles Steinmetz csteinmetz at yandex.com
Thu Sep 1 00:23:41 EDT 2016

Dave wrote:

> Getting the required Thunderbolt supply rails from a nominal 12v dc
> supply of doubtful cleanliness is an issue that also needs to be
> addressed.  I'm still mulling over that one. (and using a triple output
> switcher from an inverter backed mains supply meantime!)
> The ex-telco GPSDOs all run on a nominal 24-50 volt DC supply but I
> don't know how they generate their internal supplies. I suspect switchers?

Yes, they typically have two or three flat-pack DC-DC converters inside. 
  I have converted a number of them by replacing the DC-DC converters 
and feeding the circuitry from a mains-operated linear DC supply 
(usually because one or more of the DC-DC converters was fried and I saw 
it as a golden opportunity rather than a problem of locating spare 
converters of invariably questionable provenance).

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