[time-nuts] GPS Antenna?

Gregory Beat w9gb at icloud.com
Mon Sep 5 23:27:38 EDT 2016

Glenn -

These outdoor GPS antennas are PLENTIFUL via surplus.  Launch3, which offered NOS Symmetricom surplus antennas to this group 12 months ago, are now selling these surplus Ericsson KRE units (eBay).

The H inside a hexagon is the corporate logo for Huber-Suhner.
Huber is a Swiss HQ company.

This antenna, model 84097323, is listed under a variety of brand-names.
The Norwegian certification (Nemko) was likely for Ericsson KRE.

Do a Google search: "GPS Antenna 84097323" and you will find many "hits" from eBay and surplus resellers.

====Original Message====
At the last hamfest that I attended, I bought an antenna that looks like 
a GPS antenna.  The price was right.
This is a Nemko Article number: 84097323, Type number 1315.17.0018.
It has a manufacturing date of 09/2012.
Can anyone tell me if this is in fact a GPS antenna and what voltage 
would be required.
I would suspect that it would be either 5VDC or 3.3 VDC based on the date.
Any help appreciated.
Thanks, 73
Glenn, WB4UIV
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