[time-nuts] : Re: Hobbyist grade or homebrew temperature

Robert Harmon harmon52 at mchsi.com
Tue Sep 6 23:10:50 EDT 2016

Also worked for Collins in late 70's in Cedar Rapids. Had to go to the dry ice bin with a few rags, grab a few dry ice cubes, take em back to the aluminum box coolers and beat em down to smaller pieces with a hammer while still wrapped in rags  and then drop em in the cooler. We had a lot of rags with holes in them.

> Rick Karlquist N6RK
Another thing I've done in the (distant) past is two cheap foam coolers with a muffin fan between them.  fill one with dry ice and control the fan for cooling.  This was the essence of the bench coolers when I worked for Collins Radio in the late 70's. In that case they were aluminum boxes with foam walls.  They had Edison based wire heaters with porcelain forms.  OSHA nightmare, but worked for the task at hand. Used simple bang-bang controllers.

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