[time-nuts] timelab question

John Miles john at miles.io
Thu Sep 8 20:10:37 EDT 2016

> I've got a file with counter values that are latched once per second,
> with the count read from the latch every half second.  So, generally,
> there are two identical values, then two different identical values,
> etc.  But, of course, the routine that does the every half second
> reading isn't perfect.. it could run fast or slow.
> I want to process the count values in timelab, and I was wondering if it
> knows to eliminate the duplicates, or if I write some code to strip the
> dupes.

That's a pretty scary problem to have.  Are these frequency counts or TI readings?  You wouldn't normally see two identical TI readings in a row, but if they're frequency counts, how do you know for sure you're eliminating a duplicate reading, as opposed to one that just happened to be the same as the last?

There's nothing that TimeLab can do to help with this scenario, I'm afraid.  Stable32 may be able to remove duplicate TI readings, but otherwise, yes, you'd need to write some kind of script to preprocess the sample file.  

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

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