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Yes Charles  
I was not part of or following the original Tbolt  discussions. My setup at 
the time was Loran C with Austron 2110, backed up with  Cs and 60 Khz using 
a Tracor 599H. My work was focused on FRK FRS Rb’s using  Shera with very 
good results. At the same time Juerg was using a PRS10  controlled by a Tbolt 
and feeding a OSA FO3/8600. With the demise of Loran C I  switched to Tbolt 
feeding the 2110 because I did see the frequency jumps.  Juerg’s PRS10 died 
a year ago and he replaced it with his Tbolt, expecting the  FO3 to clean 
up the Tbolt. After disappointing results on some of our work urged  him to 
do a cross matrix on all his sources and found out the FO3 did nothing to  
the Tbolt He bought his first one through Tarp. I bought 1 for him and 2 for 
me  all US sellers.  
Off list Tom has looked at Juergs data and we and he are  convinced that 
antenna and equipment is good. We have used auto tune and  variable settings. 
On our to do list was temperature control and clean up loop.  In order to do 
an analog clean up we need short interval changes and that is why  I went 
on the list since we have not been able to do it and looking at past  posting 
have not found data that will get us there. For our work frequency has  to 
be better than 1 E-11 one second, he had it with the PRS 10 setup. Unless  
some one can help us with settings that make analog loop clean up possible we 
 will not revisit Tbolt. Juerg will use it as an excellent 1pps source and 
I will  use it with the 2110 which is digital and has a 100 second  loop.We  
are already refocusing on work on a FRK/M100 GPSDO plan on having it up and 
 running with in a month, waiting for boards. Last two years distracted by 
clean  up of the Shera code before releasing it, controller for FE 5680 5650 
and FE  405.  
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Bert  wrote:

> Looks like we are not the only ones trying to improve  frequency
> performance and hopefully some one will share  settings.

You are coming very late to the Tbolt party.  There was  a veritable 
blizzard of posts about optimizing Tbolt performance, which  began maybe 
10 or 11 years ago (??) and lasted for several years, and a  steady 
trickle since then.  Everything that is possible to be said  was posted, 
often several times.  Go back in the list archives and  read this 
material -- it will answer all of your questions (and lots more  that you 
haven't asked yet).

Best  regards,


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