[time-nuts] Ettus OctoClock measurements

Anders Wallin anders.e.e.wallin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 12 10:54:57 EDT 2016

Hi all,
I measured an Ettus OctoClock with a 3120A phase-noise probe (for the
10MHz) and the 1PPS channel skew with a 53230A TIC.

The results are decent but not stellar:

In particular the AM noise on the 10MHz looks high. Any thoughts/comments?

For 1PPS a 200ps skew between fastest and slowest channel is not the end of
the world, but I would be interested in the cause. To produce 200ps skew
both a 4cm trace-length-difference and/or 200 mV of DC-offset (for a 1V/ns
slewrate signal) seem large?

(will build better distribution amp as soon as I getroundtoit..)

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