[time-nuts] Lady Heather's Tbolt oscillator auto-tune function

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 21:51:41 EDT 2016

Okee dokeee...  here it is.   Not much difference.   The initial step is smaller,  but it still spikes.  After that things are pretty much the same.   After it cool down,  I'm doing another run with the initial voltage set to the peak of the spike.

One slight difference was with the new initial voltage setting (closer to the current 10.00000000 MHz operating point),  it appeared to acquire satellites a few seconds faster (but that could just be luck of the draw).  Setting the initial voltage to something far off of optimum would be interesting... I seem to remember it taking several minutes to acquire.

(Gratuitous astro feature plug...   Lady Heather can show moon rise/transit/set/age times in addition to the sun times)


> I would be very interested to see the result of another dead cold start 
of this same Tbolt, with INIT set to 0.518v.  Of course, the time at 
which the second satellite is acquired (hence, the temperature of the 
crystal when discipline begins, and thus, the exact DAC voltage required 
for a stepless transition, will be a bit different from one start to the 
next, so it won't be perfect.  But it will be a hell of a lot better 
than starting from 0.499v).
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