[time-nuts] HP-105B Battery Replacement?

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Thu Sep 15 18:41:14 EDT 2016

Yo Jeremy!

On Thu, 15 Sep 2016 15:13:59 -0700
Jeremy Nichols <jn6wfo at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'd like to find a UPS that uses an external battery. So
> far I don't see such a thing--do they exist?

Not in the store, but they are easy to make.  I take consumer grade
CyberPower sine wave supplies.  Remove the expensive and wimpy 12V9A
gells cells.  Then I put two 6V deep cycle tractor batteries in a
battery box and cable them into the UPS with #6 wire from old jumper
cables.  To make it nice and neat, I fuse it with inline 50Amp fuses and
50Amp DC connectors.  Total cost about $200.

I've been doing that for almost two decades and have 6 running now.
I'll get two or three hours of backup from them.  Two weeks ago I had a
45 minute power outage, my network never hiccuped.  The batteries need
replacing about every five years.

APC UPS can't handle the longer runtime, but never had a problem with
any version of CyberPower.

Just be sure that everything you need to stay up is on a UPS, and that
they are well within their load rating.

I can post pictures if anyone wants.

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