[time-nuts] Efratom MFS-209 conversion information.

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Wed Sep 28 11:20:35 EDT 2016

Hi Colin,

The MBF distribution modules are all simple buffers,
and are mounted on the back panel.  Being distribution
modules, they typically have 4 BNC outputs per module.

The MBF module you want to modify is the one that
*drives* the MBF distribution modules.

It is of the same species as the distribution modules,
but has other parts of the PCB populated to allow for
divide/2, and certain filters.

It is mounted on the *front panel*, has no, or maybe
one BNC connector.  It is also labeled MBF.

EFRATOM took the module reuse business a little too
far in my opinion.  It would have been better if they
would have made a different panel label for the two
species of MBF modules.

-Chuck Harris

Colin Bradley via time-nuts wrote:
> I just received an Efratom MFS-209 GPSDO that I purchased onEbay. Everything
> appears to work. The only manual that I found online is forthe MGPS controller.
> The MFS family apparently came in many different  flavors allowing the customer to
> mix andmatch the components that best suited their needs. The version that I have
> has5 MBF frequency distribution modules that take 5 MHz in and distribute 5 MHzout
> to the 4 BNC connectors on the module back. These are different than themodules
> Chuck Harris described in his excellent January 2015 posting which took10 MHz in
> and distributed 5 MHz out. Does anyone have conversion informationfor converting
> this MFS-209 from 5 MHz output to 10 MHz output? A source foradditional manuals
> would also be helpful.  Thanks _______________________________________________ 
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