[time-nuts] Normal operating specs of a Morion MV89?

Dave M dgminala at mediacombb.net
Wed Sep 28 13:05:06 EDT 2016

>From my experience, your best  and cheapest approach is to contact the 
seller and see if they will just send you a replacement.  If the seller 
won't cooperate, and insists that you return the item, just close the issue 
and try to repair it, or buy another one.   If you bought the MV89 from an 
Ebay seller, Ebay will require that you return the item by a traceable 
shipment, which will probably cost you more than the MV89 cost.

Sorry to say that, but that's just the dimmer side of buying unknown items 
from across the big pond.

Dave M

Tim Lister wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2016 at 4:14 AM, Bob Camp <kb8tq at n1k.org> wrote:
>> Hi
>> You have one of the many MV89A’s with an output problem. To be
>> absolutely
>> sure of the output, you need to have the scope set to 50 ohm input.
>> If it was set to Hi-Z, the output is likely even lower…..
> It seems that the scope is 1 MOhm input impedance and is not
> changeable. I will have to see if we have any 50 Ohm in-line
> terminators around that I can also borrow. Does anyone think that
> there is any value in trying to pursue a return and replacement with
> the ebay seller (being China, it's likely to be a long round-trip time
> for both messages and parcels) or just live with it and move on
> (potentially replacing the capacitor later if I get some way of
> getting the casing open safely). From what Bob and others have said,
> it seems that most of the MV89's have this problem so it seems
> unlikely I would get a better one without a lot of trials.
> Tim
>> Bob 

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