[time-nuts] COTS cesium standard physics package life

John Miles john at miles.io
Thu Sep 29 19:44:15 EDT 2016

If I remember correctly, the oven power supply runs off of the same bus that powers the rest of the unit, in the 5062C's case.   It took a fair bit of hacking to install the switch and make it do what I wanted.  Not much besides the ion pump and the OCXO remains active with the switch in the 'off' position.   

I'd expect the Datum unit to be pretty different in terms  of its schematic and power distribution scheme, but I'd shoot for the same functionality if I were installing a switch in one.

-- john, KE5FX
Miles Design LLC

> I have a Datum FTS-5060 unit. Did you just open up the heater line to the
> beam tube? I like the idea of conserving the Cs when pumping down the
> tube
> for maintenance.
> Regards,
> Tom

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