[time-nuts] TU30 jump second

Bo Hansen timenuts at rudius.net
Tue Apr 4 05:27:25 EDT 2017

Hi List

Like many of you I also use a Navman Jupiter TU30 in a GPSDO. Besides the 10 kHz used for the PLL I also have a display showing time. But since a couple of years, Jan 15?, the time sometimes jumps -1 s and and then later returns by jumping +1 s Please see an example of the latter below:

PC-time Diff. GPS-time Diff
011606.005 0.992 011604 1
011607.013 1.008 011605 1
011608.005 0.992 011607 2 <--- The issue
011609.013 1.008 011608 1
011610.004 0.991 011609 1

I don't experience the same with a ublox GPS. I don't think I saw this more than two years ago and wonder if the GPS satellites send some correction data that the rather old TU30 misinterpret?

Any clues?

Thanks in advance

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