[time-nuts] The ultraAtomic clock for home

paul swed paulswedb at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 16:54:02 EDT 2017

I was in a walmart the other day and noticed that there were numbers of
atomic clocks. Thought the fad had died off due to lots of reasons.

I was curious did those magical supa-dupa atomic clocks that screwed the
old phase tracking receivers ever arrive? Son of a gun they did. I must
have missed the 6 pm news story on this technology. Pretty sure we all did.

Anyhow humor aside at least one clock from La Crosse does exist.
404-1235ua for $79. Seems steep but then again these clocks do use the
phase code and do not care about the orientation. They have 2 antennas at
90 degrees and they select the best signal.
I suspect if there is one of these some other vendors and even perhaps La
Crosse may have other models at a lower cost. Will not comment on the
technical quality of these products.

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