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Is there any way to derive carrier phase from these chips?  Or to get raw modulation data that might make it usable as the front end to one of PaulS's de-PSKers?

On Apr 7, 2017, 1:04 PM, at 1:04 PM, Tom Van Baak <tvb at LeapSecond.com> wrote:
>> Very good catch it is *not* the cme8000 chip. Thats a classic am
>> It is the everset chip. Sorry for mis-leading.
>Hi Paul,
>I can confirm (from talking with the guys backing it) that, yes, it's
>the EverSet ES100, in die form (CoB). I believe you and I have both
>used the early Xtendwave dev kits with the ES100 as SMT part. It's nice
>to see the chip still lives and finally made it to a product!
>I uploaded more ultrAtomic info and tear-down photos:
>I encourage those of you who just bought these clocks to do some
>experiments. The obvious ones are:
>1) See how long it takes to acquire the correct time, at all sorts of
>different and difficult environments, compared to the traditional WWVB
>clocks. Check for off-by-one second, or minute, or hour errors.
>2) See how accurate they really are. For clocks like this I use a
>variety of piezo sensors (feel the tick), acoustic sensors (hear the
>tick), optical sensors (see the tick), and mostly electrical sensors.
>Some of these are passive (non-destructive) timings and good enough.
>Others require some level of disassembly but are more precise. For a
>stepper motor clock it's easy to tap onto the coil connections and get
>a sharp pulse every second or two. Then use a time interval counter, or
>picPET, or TICC, or PC-based PPS-capture to collect readings. Note the
>signal level is usually low power and below typical TTL levels, and
>they do NOT drive 50R!
>If all goes well, we can soon talk about a time-nuts special where we
>get someone to make a timing board or disciplined timing board based on
>the ES100 chip. The bad news is that at the same price it would be like
>a million times worse than GPS. The good news is that lots of
>applications need only ms level timing; there are places where WWVB is
>receivable and GNSS is not; and then there's the redundancy and
>low-power factor.
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>Very good catch it is *not* the cme8000 chip. Thats a classic am
>It is the everset chip. Sorry for mis-leading.
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