[time-nuts] First time FMT - results

Michael Walker va3mw at portcredit.net
Sun Apr 9 11:28:41 EDT 2017

Hi All

I just did my first FMT using a Flex 6300 and using the FMT software that
comes with WSPR.

Measuring W6OQI on 20M an hour apart, I measured about 1/2 a Hertz
difference of 0.518Hz.

My deltas are:

W6OQI on 20M  = 0.19Hz
K5CM on 40M  = 0.17Hz
W8RKO on 40M = 0.79Hz
K5CM on 80M = 0.07Hz
W8RKO on 80M = 0.14Hz

I was pretty pleased how well this turned out considering it was my remote
base with a Flex 6300 and I only used the software that was already

Mike va3mw

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