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But, in the true time nuts tradition, I would expect it is time to trap an ion.

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If you are going to do a Rb, probably the best place to start is with a salvaged physics package out of one of the telecom Rb’s. That would let you get the “easy bits” worked out on your side of the design. It would also let you lear how to address  a few of the more complex items sorted as well. Since the salvaged physics package performance is likely better than what you would build in a basement, the performance of your device would not be impacted in a negative way. Indeed it’s “cheating”, but it’s about the only way to move the project forward.

I agree with Rick that Rb is by far the easiest one of the atomic devices to address. The complexity of the device / design precision goes up quite a bit for the other candidates. To the degree that Rb is complicated, it’s quite easy compared to the others. One way to view this is to take a look at the minuscule size of the resonance response above the noise floor on even a well made standard ….


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