[time-nuts] a link to a explanation of Rb vs Cs?

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For the record, the original source to that PDF is:


I've always enjoyed the NAVSTAR operational chart (attached) of Figure 7 on page 179 (PDF page 13). It's rather unique among technical, professional papers. You don't see that much these days...


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>A little of the thinking, and a bit of the history of the rb v cs is in "CESIUM AND RUBIDIUM FREQUENCY STANDARDS STATUS AND PERFORMANCE ON THE GPS PROGRAM"
> http://www.stanson.ch/files/GPS/Vol%2027_14.pdf
> Ole
>> Den 12. apr. 2017 kl. 08.41 skrev Hal Murray <hmurray at megapathdsl.net>:
>> jimlux at earthlink.net said:
>>> If there's nothing folks are aware of, I'll probably see if I can find  some
>>> nice schematic pictures of a Cs Beam, a gas cell, and an Hg ion  trap, and
>>> then a AVAR plot or something. 
>> I think the GPS satellites have 3 Cs and 2 Rbs.  There might be an 
>> interesting story about why they decided to split their eggs into two baskets.
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