[time-nuts] Re. DIY atomic "resonator"

Dave B g8kbvdave at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 12 13:34:30 EDT 2017

On 12/04/17 17:00, "Tom Van Baak" wrote:

> It turns out that OP (Andre) would like the readings of his vintage Black Star (UK) Nova 2400[X] 8-digit 2.4 GHz bench frequency counter to be accurate and stable to the 8th digit. That's all. The internal XO or TCXO is not good enough for that last digit or two. Not to mention the cal date is 1996.
> So the good news is that he is *not* embarking on a life-long project to build his own atomic clock. This thread is just a newbie looking for a simple answer to an accuracy / stability / calibration question. His counter has a BNC for external timebase, so ...
> I think it would help him if any UK/EU time-nuts:
> - have a 1e-9 or 1e-10 level OCXO to spare -- which he would have to calibrate, or
> - can help him locate a surplus telecom Rb -- inherently good enough that calibration is not even required, or
> - point him to a cheap newbie-friendly 10 MHz GPSDO -- if his environment would make that possible and reliable.
Would this help?


GPSDO with selectable output frequencies, including 10MHz.

No affiliation, but would appear to fit the bill, at a (not
unreasonable) cost, compared to some of the second user kit on "the bay"
at times...   And it's in the UK..


Dave G0WBX (or G8KBV both valid.)


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