[time-nuts] UltrAtomic® Clock

Jeremy Nichols jn6wfo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 23:41:16 EDT 2017

My LaCrosse UltrAtomic® clock arrived yesterday from Amazon. In my case, 
the clock wasn't assembled on a Monday or a Friday, so nothing rattled, 
and the packaging defeated the animals in shipping. The clock was 
stopped, of course, at exactly 12:00. I installed four C-cells (big 
spender!), replaced the battery cover, and turned the clock over. The 
hands moved around to 4:00 and stopped. I hung the clock on an inside 
wall (facing west in my single-story northern California home) and I 
went about my business. Ten minutes later I checked back and the clock 
had set itself to the correct time. Happy camper!

Jeremy, N6WFO

On 4/12/2017 10:34 AM, Gregory Beat wrote:
> My long-time (and accurate) 12-inch analog kitchen clock (24 years) dropped to floor in March, as I was adjusting for Daylight Savings Time.  Of course, the polycarbonate lens cover cracked and I could not find a replacement.  The manufacturer, General Time of Athens, GA (handled Seth Thomas, others) closed their operations in 2000.
> ===
> So, I decided to order the LaCrosse UltrAtomic® clock.
> My experience, in setting it up this clock, was the same as noted by Larry.
> Took less than 90 minutes ... and agrees with my GPS/NTP server with IRIG displays.
> One caveat, while the clock was well packed, I heard a "rattle".
> Sometime, during this clock's assembly, the portion of the plastic retention lip for the glass/aluminum frame was broken off at the top (aggressive assembler or flaw in plastic molding?).
> Since I purchased the clock directly from LaCrosse, I sent them photos.
> They are sending a replacement clock with a return label for this one.
> greg
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> From: Larry McDavid <lmcdavid at lmceng.com>
> Subject: [time-nuts] UltrAtomic® Clock
> When I got home after my Thursday Lunch meeting today, my new La Crosse 404-1235UA-SS UltrAtomic® clock was waiting. I unpacked it and installed two (of 4 possible) C-cells and set it on the floor upstairs near the center of my home, fully under the radiant barrier insulation that has foiled (that's a pun!) all my previous "Atomic" clocks. The hands moved around 4 hours and stopped. I left.
> Returning about an hour later, the clock had set itself correctly!
> I verified the displayed time against my (Tindie) GPS Clock and the seconds and seconds-tick match as closely as I can determine visually.
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