[time-nuts] datasheet info on Vectron VCXO

R. Kuehn rekuehn at gmail.com
Sat Apr 15 11:21:49 EDT 2017


I have a 500Mhz VCXO that I picked up a hamfest for free, but have had a
devil of a time finding anything at all about it. I've checked google,
ebay, and this list archive but can't find anything at all. I'd like to use
it for a GPSDO, frequency counter, or similar project in the future.

The unit is from  Vectron Industries Part No. CO 533ME, the unit measures
about 70mm x 45mm x 15mm with 6 pins, 2 of which are ground. It is still
attached to the a small pcb module but the silk-screen gives no hints about
the inputs/outputs. Also the board is multi-layer so I'm uncertain about
some of the connections with the passive components. In the second photo is
shown the back of the pcb module, I'm assuming that the oscillator output
pin is the one with the ring of through-hole vias?
Note that I have found a reference to a Vectron model CO-233ME, but they
are not at all the same units.

(front) http://imgur.com/k1BDMeu
(back) http://imgur.com/ATj8UY2

Thanks for any help!

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