[time-nuts] Measuring coax temperature coefficient with a TICC

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 18 19:41:13 EDT 2017

Although I didn't have a way to log the temperature, I did have a couple of thermocouples on the coil of coax.   The coil was rather tightly wound... maybe 7" OD,  3"ID, and 3" tall.  One thermocouple was  on the outside and one buried in the center of the coil.   They stayed within a couple of degrees of each other.   

Coax in that configuration seems to be rather thermally "dense".  It took over 2 hours to approach room temperature equilibrium in open air.  I suspect the results would be quite a bit different with coax on a spool with a much greater surface area to volume ratio.   I want to try it again with the coil well insulated and chilled overnight.


> A single sensor will only give you precise information if the temperature ramp is *very* slow (as in days …). 

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