[time-nuts] Austron/ Systrom Donner 8181 Time Code Reader

Bill Hawkins bill.iaxs at pobox.com
Sat Apr 22 23:39:05 EDT 2017

There is usually a power dissipation reason why a resistor becomes
toast, and the reason is frequently a shorted bypass cap or a shorted

Have you measured the resistance to ground of the end of the resistor
opposite the power supply?

Sometimes inputs get high voltages and short the amplifying device.

Sometimes that is reason the units were for sale.

Hope I'm wrong.

Bill Hawkins

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Anyone on the list own the above Time Code Readesr.  I have one of each,
they are identical with the same issue.  I need to identify the correct
value of a resistor in the power supply that provides 27 volts to the
input amp.  They are both toast in my units and I do not have a manual.
Thanks in advance!  Dave _______________________________________________

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