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If you know the Zener voltage and the supply voltage then calculating a 
reasonable value for the series resistor is pretty straight forward


On 4/23/2017 2:31 PM, Dave Wood wrote:
> Bill, actually what happened is the zener diode that the resistor fed
> shorted and that's the reason it burned up.  I have two units with this
> issue and I cannot read the resistor value since it burned up.  What I
> would love to know is what the original value of the dropping resistor
> was?  73  Dave
> On Sat, Apr 22, 2017 at 11:39 PM, Bill Hawkins <bill.iaxs at pobox.com> wrote:
>> There is usually a power dissipation reason why a resistor becomes
>> toast, and the reason is frequently a shorted bypass cap or a shorted
>> device.
>> Have you measured the resistance to ground of the end of the resistor
>> opposite the power supply?
>> Sometimes inputs get high voltages and short the amplifying device.
>> Sometimes that is reason the units were for sale.
>> Hope I'm wrong.
>> Bill Hawkins
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>> Anyone on the list own the above Time Code Readesr.  I have one of each,
>> they are identical with the same issue.  I need to identify the correct
>> value of a resistor in the power supply that provides 27 volts to the
>> input amp.  They are both toast in my units and I do not have a manual.
>> Thanks in advance!  Dave _______________________________________________
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