[time-nuts] HP E1938A question

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Tue Apr 25 02:06:48 EDT 2017

Thanks Rick, I understand better now.
The turn over label is still on the crystal but not the matching label on  
the PCB.
So far I've not been able to get the software to run but will try  with 
some older versions of Windows and see how it goes with those.
Nigel GM8PZR
In a message dated 24/04/2017 17:28:56 GMT Summer Time,  
richard at karlquist.com writes:

The main  issue is that the oven will no longer be at the
crystal turnover  temperature.  If you are using it in
a benign environment, you might  not need the extreme
thermal performance enabled by being dead nuts on  the
turnover.  You still have an oven with thermal gain
in the  100's of thousands.

The test software had the ability to sweep the oven  temperature
and allow you to find the turn over.  There was some way  to
then set the oven to this temperature.  I don't know if  anyone
currently knows how to make the software do this anymore.
I knew  at one time, but have long forgotten.

Rick N6RK

On 4/24/2017  5:41 AM, GandalfG8--- via time-nuts wrote:
> I've just received an Ebay  purchased E1938A, haven't tested it yet 
>  I do have a 14  day return option, but unlike previous purchases of these
> the serial  number label is missing from the rear of the PCB so I have no
>  obvious  way of knowing if the crystal is matched to the  PCB.
> Does anybody know if there's any embedded information  that can be 
> that indicates the serial number of the board, or  is there any other way 
> can  check if the crystal and PCB are  matched?
> If not, what issues could I expect from an unmatched  crystal and  PCB?
> Nigel GM8PZR
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