[time-nuts] HP E1938A question

GandalfG8 at aol.com GandalfG8 at aol.com
Wed Apr 26 10:27:33 EDT 2017

I've confirmed that the software runs under Windows XP, but having  seen it 
running I don't think I'll be able to do much with  it without some form of 
However, I'll modify my test set up over the next day or so and see if I  
can get the software to see an E1938A then take it from  there.
Nigel, GM8PZR
In a message dated 25/04/2017 17:17:59 GMT Summer Time,  
richard at karlquist.com writes:

I know  that it will run on Windows 2000.  It was originally
written on  Windows NT4.


On 4/24/2017 11:06 PM, GandalfG8 at aol.com  wrote:
> Thanks Rick, I understand better now.
> The turn  over label is still on the crystal but not the matching label
> on the  PCB.
> So far I've not been able to get the software to run but  will try
> with some older versions of Windows and see how it goes with  those.
> Nigel GM8PZR
> In a message dated  24/04/2017 17:28:56 GMT Summer Time,
> richard at karlquist.com  writes:
>     The main issue is that the oven  will no longer be at the
>     crystal turnover  temperature.  If you are using it in
>     a benign  environment, you might not need the extreme
>     thermal  performance enabled by being dead nuts on the
>      turnover.  You still have an oven with thermal gain
>   in the 100's of thousands.
>     The  test software had the ability to sweep the oven temperature
>   and allow you to find the turn over.  There was some way  to
>     then set the oven to this temperature.  I  don't know if anyone
>     currently knows how to make  the software do this anymore.
>     I knew at one time,  but have long forgotten.
>     Rick  N6RK
>     On 4/24/2017 5:41 AM, GandalfG8--- via  time-nuts wrote:
>     > I've just received an Ebay  purchased E1938A, haven't tested it yet
>      although
>     >  I do have a 14 day return  option, but unlike previous purchases
>     of  these
>     > the serial number label is missing from  the rear of the PCB so I
>     have no
>   > obvious  way of knowing if the crystal is matched to  the PCB.
>     >
>     > Does  anybody know if there's any embedded information that can be
>   accessed
>     > that indicates the  serial number of the board, or is there any
>     other  way I
>     > can  check if the crystal and PCB  are matched?
>     >
>     >  If not, what issues could I expect from an unmatched crystal and   
>     >
>     > Nigel  GM8PZR
>     >
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