[time-nuts] Time-nut going England!

John Lofgren John.Lofgren at lairdtech.com
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Seconded.  Did both last August and it was great.  The amount of restored hardware that's operational is impressive and docents are knowledgeable.
If you get to the computing museum, having a chat with whoever is in the Colossus gallery is worth your time.

Admission to BP is £17.75 and the Computing Museum is £7.50.  Both are well worth the admission price plus the train ride.


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Yes, Bletchley is a good day out but be aware the national museum of computing is a separate entity and has its own entry fee.

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> > Hi
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> > I'll be in the UK for three weeks and will have a "free" week 
> > between 13th and 20th of May. I will most probably be around the 
> > London area and maybe spend a day or two in Southampton.
> >
> > If someone wants to meet for a beer or cup of hot chocolate, or 
> > knows of time-nutty things to do, please let me know.
> >
> > I would also appreciate if someone knows an affordable place to stay 
> > at in London, so that it doesn't strain the purse of this poor 
> > student too much.
> >
> >                       Attila Kinali
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> -- Not exactly "TN" material, but you'd find this an interesting day 
> out.
> https://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/
> Get an off peak return rail ticket from Euston to Bletchley, it's a 
> short walk from the rail station.
> The National museum of computing (and other special interests) are 
> there too.
> Else the various museums in London will more than keep you occupied!
> Regards.
> Dave B, not that far from BP, but no idea what I'll be doing the time 
> you plan to be in the UK. "Domestic Management" has not told me the 
> plans for that far ahead yet!  :)
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