[time-nuts] Three-cornered hat on timelab?

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 27 20:57:39 EDT 2017

On 4/27/17 3:10 PM, Bob Stewart wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> said:"Ionosphere is one - if you're near a ionosonde you might be able to get a data set to correlate against.  It's not necessarily a "worst at noon, best at midnight" thing - some of the satellites contributing to your fix will be on slant paths, so the solar ionization is not uniform." Are the Ublox timing receivers a lot better at getting rid of ionospheric phase shifts because they can see more sats than the older Motorola receivers?
> And as a point of reference, the dataset I linked begins at ~9:21AM CST on 4/22/2017.  I'm in west Houston, TX.
> Bob

As a general thing, more satellites means more values into the average. 
But it's also where they are.

If you've got a big clump of ionization to the west of you, then it 
affects the satellites that are west of you, but not those that are 
east. But if your current solution is more west than east, that will 
pull it.

OTOH, most of the receivers also weight the contribution by the SNR. A 
higher Total Electron Content (more delay) also results in more 

1 TECU is about 16 cm in delay (call it 0.5 ns) (I think..)

typical TECU values are 50-100.. so you can see there's a pretty big effect.


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