[time-nuts] Looking for OSA 3210 information

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Tue Aug 1 15:32:15 EDT 2017

Hi Skip,

Björn called me and made me aware of your need. I had already seen it 
briefly, but I was doing a music festival, så no ability to do anything 
about it.

Anyway, I have the full OSA 3000 manual, but the 3210 manual I got 
electronically is similar enough. I serviced 7 of these, but no major 
problems so far, got 5 of them myself.

Toss a separate email with an electronic version. Let me know if you 
need something scanned from my original manual.


On 07/31/2017 09:35 PM, Skip Withrow wrote:
> Hello time-nuts,
> I'm looking for a User Manual or Service Manual for the Oscilloquartz OSA
> 3210 cesium standard.  So far my search has turned up nothing.  TVB as a
> User Manual for the OSA3200, which I assume is an earlier (though similar
> model).
> The cesium unit is an OSA 3000 and any documentation on it would be a
> start.  The unit that I have has an 8612 oscillator in it.
> Electronic copies would be great, but I'm always willing to pay
> shipping/copy costs for hardcopy.
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Skip Withrow
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