[time-nuts] Can Lady Heather set PC time directly from a TrimbleThunderbolt?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Aug 3 15:16:54 EDT 2017

I use an NTP client to set my Windows 7 64 bit PC time for digital
mode amateur radio activities, but I was wondering if my Trimble
Thunderbolt and Lady Heather can do the same job? If it can, how do I
do it please, and can the PC show GMT and not UTC, and finally does
the date glitch affect this? Lady Heather communicates with the GPS
via a true serial port. Thanks!

       Best Regards,
                   Chris Wilson. 2E0ILY


If you have a PPS source you can use that directly with your Windows-7 PC. 
I have some notes here:


Windows works internally in UTC, just choose your time zone from the Control 
Panel.  I'm guessing that you mean UK local time, as GMT and UTC are the 
same (at least as far as wall-clock time is concerned).

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