[time-nuts] Lady Heather 5.00 doesn't keep time

JULIAN TOPOLSKI jjt99 at msn.com
Sun Aug 13 20:58:53 EDT 2017

I installed version 5.00 of Lady Heather as the 3.1 version was affected by the GPS Rollover. It stopped displaying the digital clock which I used as a station clock for my ham radio logging. So I installed and ran version 5.00, specifying the digital clock. It worked for a while with correct time as I compared it to the digital clock display in the WSJTX software GUI. I haven't determined how long it takes but it is in the range of 5 or 10 minutes and then I notice a difference between the clocks. Checking with WWV on the radio, the WSJTX clock is right on but LH is off by some 20 seconds. Is there a bug in LH5.00? Is there an option I didn't set? The 3.1 version worked without any special options other than full screen and digital clock selected.

Julian KR5J

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