[time-nuts] Lady Heather Crashing with Skipped Time Stamps and Changing Receiver Modes

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 15 00:04:08 EDT 2017

Another possibility is some code that attempts to detect a Datum Starloc receiver.  These look like Thunderbolts, but have VERY buggy firmware.   If Heather sees a condition where all satellites are being reported at az/el = 0,  Heather sets a flag that the device is a Starloc and attempts to work around the firmware bugs (the Starloc does not calculate sat az/el info and always sends 0,0).

I noticed that in the log dump that the problem started when the receiver was tracking only 3 satellites.   Perhaps your antenna is not very good and that caused a signal dropout and  the Tbolt started sending null satellite position info and that triggered the Starloc (aka Craploc) mode.  The next version of Heather tightens up the constraints for Starloc detection and also only will switch modes if the receiver type has been auto-detected...  there is now a receiver type setting that forces Starloc mode.


> Attached is the log and it seems that the end near the crash begins with skipped time stamps and
changes in receiver mode.

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