[time-nuts] Special connector for Symmetricom X72 rubidium standard

Ed Palmer ed_palmer at sasktel.net
Thu Aug 17 15:05:47 EDT 2017


One source of that connector is an HP C8231A cable for a Deskjet 450.  
It's used to connect the printer to a DB-25 parallel port. The connector 
fits the X72, but there are only 25 leads in the cable.  I haven't tried 
to use it so I don't know if the missing lead is important or not.  The 
cable isn't molded so it might just be possible to add the extra wire. I 
opened it up, but I can't tell.  It looks like it's an IDC connector.  
The connector is stamped with the manufacturer's logo of 'JST' ( 
www.jst.com ).  No part number, though.  I looked at the web site, but 
didn't see anything close.


On 2017-08-15 10:00 AM, Christoph Kopetzky <ck at cksd.de> wrote:
> Dear all time-nuts list members,
> I am looking without any success for some Molex plugs (52660-2651) to
> connect to my X72 time standard.
> Molex told me that these connectors are obolete since 2010.
> I made some recherches at the Molex competitors but all told me that
> they do not have 1mm pitch connectors in
> their program.
> Is there anybody who can help me getting some of these connectors?
> That would be very kind and you will set me happy again...
> Best Regards
> Chris

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