[time-nuts] Looking for Austron manual

Francis Grosz fgrosz at otiengineering.com
Fri Aug 25 00:16:09 EDT 2017

I recently obtained an older Austron 1210 and am looking for a manual.
I don't have the nameplate but the front panel is inscribed "Austron 1210
Crystal Clock", with no letter suffix.  The battery tray cover has a date of
"August 12 1985" stamped on it, and it has the analog clock.  Unfortunately
it is in rather rough shape and it looks like somebody attempted to modify it
in some way.  Apparently the oscillator has been replaced; it's now an
Austron 1150 with a date of 3/85 on it.  I'd really like to restore it as
close to original condition as possible, or at least working properly.  If
anyone has a manual for this version or a pointer to it I'd really
appreciate it.  I have the manual for the "D" version but apparently this
is considerably different.

Thanks in advance for  any help!

          Francis Grosz, K5FBG

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