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Hi Francis,

Not sure what oscillator is normally inside the Austron 1210, but the 
Austron 1150 Oscillator module is a high quality oscillator in its own 
right.  I have attached a PDF scan of the specification sheet for the 
Austron 1150 oscillator.  The only other manual I have is the Austron 
1210 "D" which you indicate is considerably different.

I hope this helps a little with your effort.


Francis Grosz wrote:

>I recently obtained an older Austron 1210 and am looking for a manual.
>I don't have the nameplate but the front panel is inscribed "Austron 1210
>Crystal Clock", with no letter suffix.  The battery tray cover has a date of
>"August 12 1985" stamped on it, and it has the analog clock.  Unfortunately
>it is in rather rough shape and it looks like somebody attempted to modify it
>in some way.  Apparently the oscillator has been replaced; it's now an
>Austron 1150 with a date of 3/85 on it.  I'd really like to restore it as
>close to original condition as possible, or at least working properly.  If
>anyone has a manual for this version or a pointer to it I'd really
>appreciate it.  I have the manual for the "D" version but apparently this
>is considerably different.
>Thanks in advance for  any help!
>          Francis Grosz, K5FBG
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