[time-nuts] Bad TBolt Crashing LH?

Mark Sims holrum at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 29 13:19:33 EDT 2017

Sounds like a serial port driver problem.   I started having some issues with my Prolific adapters in Win XP after installing some EEPROM burner software.  It shows up as garbaged data after typically a day or two of continuos use.

It could also be related to another issue in v5.0 if the Tbolt has bad signals from the sats and starts reporting sats at az/el 0.0   This tricks Heather into thinking the receiver is actually a Datum Starloc and Heather enables some code that tries to work around the NUMEROUS bugs in the Datum firmware.   One symptom of this is the screen starts showing "GPS time ok" in the corner of the screen if you had the Tbolt set for UTC time and you start seeing corrupted messages.

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