[time-nuts] Rubidium freq standard - temperature

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Fri Dec 1 01:56:53 EST 2017

jerry at hanler.com said:
> I tried scoping some pins.  I see a few different levels and one pin has
> what looks like a clock signal with a period of about 4.2ms.  Other than
> that, hard to tell without a manual.

Some devices print out version info and such at power up.  If you are willing 
to power cycle one, you might learn something by putting a scope on a pin 
when you power cycle it.

You can probably tell input pins from output pins by connecting a pin to 
ground or power through a 10 K resistor.  (That's assuming that one of  the 
output pins is high so you can tell what power is.  Or just guess 5V since 
it's old enough.  Or poke around to see what you find.)

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