[time-nuts] Propagation delay within analog radio, (Radio Shack Timecube) and an SDR, at HF

Patrick Barthelow apolloeme at gmail.com
Sat Dec 2 15:57:48 EST 2017

Just about to go across town to pick up TWO  Radio Shack Timecube radios,
that someone will sell cheap.  Been 35 years since I have seen one.   Used
one in College to bring time to astronomy instruments in the field.
>From a newbie: Has anyone measured or does anyone have an idea of the
propagation delay between an audio tick signal on the RF carrier at the
antenna port, to an audio waveform on the demodulator/audio amp?
 Microseconds?  more? less?
If I hang a scope on the speaker audio out, and RF modulated input signal,
how much delay would there be?     Same question for  an SDR.

Best, 73,   Pat Barthelow AA6EG
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