[time-nuts] What to do with a 5061A/5061B with dead NiCds

Skip Withrow skip.withrow at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 18:27:26 EST 2017

Hello time-nuts,

I have 5061A and 5061B units with the battery option and dead battery
packs.  My question is what makes the most sense when refurbing these units?

1.  Yank the old battery out and just leave it that way.  Running the unit
on a UPS would preserve the functionality.

2. Replace the pack with a rebuilt NiCd pack.  I'm sure Batteries Plus
would be happy to do it, but sounds expensive.

3. Replace the pack with a NiMH pack, and really crank down the float
current of the 5061.

4. Replace the pack with Li-ion battery.  Would be a much smaller battery,
but the charging circuit would have to be pitched.  Building in a Li-ion
charge controller sounds like it could be a project (which I don't
necessarily want).

5. Yank the old battery pack and run the 5061 on two 12V batteries with an
appropriate power supply/charger (basically a version of #1).

Any thoughts on these or other options would be appreciated.  Thanks in

Skip Withrow

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