[time-nuts] Dropbox is cool, but...

Didier Juges shalimr9 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 5 19:42:57 EST 2017

Yes, I noticed that before.
I have a number of tools that don't like running off a Dropbox folder,
including several software development tools for starter. Too many files
opened at the same time.
Don't assume that because it looks like a normal folder, it works like one,
even though for many things, it does work remarkably well.

On Feb 5, 2017 2:32 PM, "John Ackermann N8UR" <jra at febo.com> wrote:

> So I was clever and decided to log some PPS data to a folder within my
> "Dropbox" folder.  Strange results followed... the whole system just bogged
> down, and even fairly slow serial data dropped characters.
> It turns out that the culprit was the Dropbox daemon continuously trying
> to sync the file as it changed every second.  It didn't manifest as CPU
> overload or anything obvious; the problem was apparently thrashing in the
> I/O system.  Once I started dumping the data to a "normal" directory, the
> problem went away.  (This was on Linux, by the way).
> So, a lesson learned -- don't stream unbuffered data, even at a low rate,
> into a sync'd folder!
> John
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