[time-nuts] low power, but quiet, oscillators

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 6 15:19:56 EST 2017

We're always looking for low DC power, but quiet (close in), oscillators 
for spaceflight applications, particularly as the spacecraft get smaller.

I was intrigued by the paper Ulrich posted which actually called out a 
"mW RF out for mW DC in" as part of their FoM.

Is there a list somewhere of what sort of DC/RF efficiencies are 
possible/typical.  In particular, I'm interested in topologies/designs 
that put out low powers.. (1 mW or less).  There's lots of designs that 
put out a convenient +10dBm or +13dBm or 3.3V CMOS square wave or 
whatever.. but sometimes, you only need to radiate a few mW  (I would 
think the low power Bluetooth/Zigbee/802.15xxxx folks have been thinking 
about this)


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